What does it take to build the right product?

By Team Srijan Feb 8, 2013

We start off with your online product idea. We listen to your idea, accept it. But we also believe that the right product has to find some real users who put it to some real use. So we challenge your idea to identify the real business value. We spend hours and hours exploring the product idea with you. We go into great details to understand your business, the financial model, the customers. At the end of it, you will know how good your idea is (we are a bunch of people well versed in online businesses, we do know our way about this). Either you will end up with an idea that transforms into a higher potential product, or you will know if you must go back to the café napkins for ideation.

We sign up for a contract with you to work on concepts and wireframes. We work on the workflows and give you a very good picture of what the product would be like. We create low-fidelity wireframes which show the process and content. Then you see a high-fidelity wireframe which is a very close visualization of the end product.

We list out the features and flesh out the functionality and create the product backlog. Now we work with you to identify those features and functionalities that need to make your product what is generally called a Minimum Viable Product. Just those minimum things you need in the product that will make a user sit up and take notice of your product because it is useful. We help you zero in on the sweet spot made of features and viability.

So why don’t we go the whole hog and make the complete product for you?

When we don’t know if you will find real users for your product (and make money), should we be wasting your money, just so our cash registers can ring? We don’t believe in that route at all. We are here to help people like you build the right products. And if that means less revenue for us, or more heartache for you (after all you do love your idea, don’t you!), so be it!

We hate money being wasted on unnecessary development. Spend on what’s necessary.

So we identify what is necessary, break it down into several bits. You choose the bits of the product that you need to see first. We figure out the parts to be included in 2-week sprints, and give you a demo. You give your feedback. We continue with our 2-week sprints which lead to demos and your feedback. What this means is that we release design-ready, feature-ready, quality tested market-ready software every two weeks, using continuous integration.

Our development efforts show that you get to see a first working version of your product in about 4-6 weeks.

4-6 weeks? Yes. That’s what we mean by focusing on developing what is necessary.

At this point, we release the product to a server where your end users can start using it.  As they use the product and share their feedback, you will learn about the features that work and those that don’t. You come back to us with a revised feature set. We revise the features in the Minimum Viable Product. And get back to more two-week sprints and demos. We also have extended sprints to implement the feedback received in demos. This process continues till your user set is happy with the product you have developed. The Right Product!

And once the right product is launched, our support team at Dharamshala takes over and maintains it for you. As simple as that.

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