Using Drupal as Data Pipeline for Digital Signage

By Mike Madison Jun 6, 2018


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Digital signs are a completely different creature than standard websites, mobile applications, or really just about anything else you might be building. In particular, delivery mechanisms for digital signage must be perfectly engineered to ensure fast, accurate, and consistent data flow. 

This session will be focused on making a data pipeline for digital signage successful. We will discuss available technologies to build a pipeline, testing methodologies, and how to include Drupal in this pipeline. 

Who's this for?

  • Developers and architects

  • Drupal solution developers

  • Anyone involved in a current digital signage project

What's in it for you?

  • Powering digital experiences beyond websites; specifically digital signage 

  • Evaluating delivery mechanisms like REST and IoT 

  • Testing with Behat and PHPUnit 

  • Integrating Drupal into the mix, leveraging capabilities and contrib modules like Workflow, Roles & Permissions, Digital Asset Management etc.

Mike Madison


Mike Madison

Mike Madison is an Acquia Certified Drupal Developer and a technical architect at Acquia. With over a decade of experience in web and background in HCI, he has used open source technologies such as Drupal (and Wordpress and Semantic MediaWiki) to solve challenging problems for a variety of clients and organizations around the world. He also contributes to a variety of Drupal community organizations and projects such a Drupal4Gov, as a maintainer of the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD) and Acquia's Build and Launch Tools (BLT).

Recently Mike has been working on a Digital Signage project for a mass transit agency. This project uses Drupal 8 and Amazon's Internet of Things (IOT) service to provide real time transit data to millions of riders daily.

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