Unraveling Drupal as a Versatile Enterprise Solution

By Shyamala Rajaram Sep 16, 2016

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

Learn what makes Drupal a great enterprise CMS.

Some of the key questions in the minds of solution architects and CTOs are how we can operate on optimised costs, how do we built versatile systems, how do we build contemporary solutions, how can we create systems simple to use, maintain and yet adaptive. 

In this webinar, we would discuss how Drupal can intertwine in the Enterprise landscape and what makes it a great enterprise content management solution. We will share different use cases on how Drupal can support Enterprises and the edge that it brings as a solution.

The Webinar Covers:

  • Key considerations for enterprises and how Drupal meets them

  • Critical features of Drupal as an enterprise solution

  • Some practical use cases

  • Key benefits of Drupal and assess the readiness of today's enterprises for Open Source

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Shyamala Rajaram

Shyamala is VP Social Business Solutions at Unimity Solutions where she heads the Development & Support team that builds, maintains and supports the Enterprise Social Workspace Product - Unimity People Power. Shyamala is an experienced site builder, Drupal technical architect and project manager. She is passionate about harnessing Open Source technologies for building enterprise solutions that are practical and effective.

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