Simplifying Migrations to Drupal 8

By Sugandh Khanna Aug 16, 2017

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Take a look at how to use various modules for Drupal migration. Also, learn about the challenges faced during Drupal migration and how to overcome them.

Migrating an entire website from a particular CMS, or even from Drupal 7, onto Drupal 8 can look like a huge task. Traditionally, if we decided to move a website to Drupal 8, we created 100 content types, with their 2000 fields or more, and each field had its own settings and properties. This consumed a lot of time and actual development, that genuinely required logic, got delayed.

But with the three contributed modules: migrate_tool, migrate_upgrade, migrate_plus; switching to Drupal 8 has gotten a whole lot easier. In this webinar, we take a look at how to use these modules to eliminate all the tedious work. We also share some the challenges we faced during site migration and how those were resolved. Join the webinar and become a pro at Drupal 8 migrations. 

Who Is This For

  • Backend Developers

  • Site Builders 

  • Architects

What's In It For You

  • Understand different challenges faced while migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

  • Learn about migrate configurations and its workflow from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.

  • Review some common use cases where complex websites with hundreds of content types were successfully migrated.



Sugandh Khanna

Sugandh Khanna is a Drupal Developer at Srijan. With 4+ years of experience, she’s been an active community member and has contributed the Autocomplete node search and Email token modules. Besides being a Drupaler, she is an avid traveller and explorer. 

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