Roller-coasting VoIP with Drupal

By Arijit Dutta May 11, 2013

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Explore the integration of VoIP with Drupal

Why you should attend this Webinar?

1. To learn how you can build an IVR system using Drupal.
2. To know how to to create SMS broadcasting system using Drupal.
3. To learn how to integrate voicemail on your website using Drupal.
4.  To learn how to build innovative applications using VOIP

Who should attend this?

1. Developers
2. Business Analysts
3. Marketers
4. Anyone else who is interested in learning VOIP


Date and Time

Wed, May 1, 2013 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST

Brief Of The Webinar:-

Have you ever thought of building an IVR system for your business? or, How does it sound to send your next updates via SMS to your customers? or, Do you think having a voicemail on your dotcom would increase conversion rate on your site? or, How about conducting a survey over SMS? VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is here to stay. There are many applications running in the market and there is huge scope of innovation in implementation. In this session we will explore VoIP - integration with Drupal, - setup, - basic scripting, - demo, - module family and - ways of contribution. Expect to get familiar and comfortable with Drupal VoIP and confident to create basic apps using the module. Drupal proficiency required: Non-Drupaler to advanced Drupaler (Seriously!

Arijit Dutta


Arijit Dutta

Enjoys being called a Drupaler more than web developer or software engineer. Being a customer and a developer himself, is able to empathize with customer expectations while understanding the developer's constraints and tries to strike a fine balance between the two. He has around 3 years of experience in Drupal development with contribution in patches, modules, queues, documentation, applications, support forums and drupal related services at Arijit also mentors new contributors and advocates Drupal among web developers.

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