Rethinking Mobile Strategy for 2015

By Siddharth Menon Aug 20, 2014

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

How should you outline user acquisition & retention strategy for mobile?

In this webinar, our speaker will talk about mobile strategy for 2015 in terms of Product, UX and Design. He will touch upon concepts of ‘constellation of apps’ for your product strategy and kinetic design, which is a motion-focused UX leading to actions. He will also dive into the key mobile design trends that you can expect in 2015 and the do’s and don'ts that you must keep in mind while designing your mobile app.

Who should attend this?

  • App designers
  • Product managers
  • App developers
  • UI/UX designers interested in the mobile space
  • Mobile entrepreneurs and startups

Why should you attend this?

  • To gear up for 2015 in terms of your Product (app), UX and Design
  • To learn about the concept of ‘Constellation of Apps’, a product strategy, and how it affects your design
  • To gain insights on ‘Kinetic Design’ and know how you can keep your UX in motion, leading to more actions
  • To stay on top of the trends and learn mobile design do’s and don'ts for 2015
Siddharth Menon


Siddharth Menon

Siddharth is co-founder at JustUnfollow. He has been building stuff since 2006 and has also co-founded 3Crumbs and JustMigrate. Lately, he has been spending more time exploring acquisition & retention channels for mobile.

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