Quality Contaminations in Agile Scrum Teams

By Sumeet Gupta May 4, 2016

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Explore the role of QA in Agile environment & Contamination challenges


For most agile scrum teams, product development is the primary focus. However, for a successful project, Quality Analysis is equally important. Usually scrum teams overlook the QA bit, and have no defined strategy, checkpoints or milestones in place, for the project. Teams functioning in this manner usually run into problems as quality issues get identified much later in the project, and solving them requires more time and effort with a lot of debt getting accumulated.

In this webinar, we look at the remedies of the various Quality contaminations and challenges impacting the scrum team. We look at defining QA strategies, setting up defined checkpoints, measuring important metrics, doing appropriate root cause analysis, sufficient planning and much more at appropriate stages of the project. Join the webinar to find why scrum teams struggles for Quality assurance while implementing scrum, and how defining Quality strategies and best practices helps to ensure a smooth QA process throughout the project.


Who Should Attend This?

  • Testers

  • QA Leads

  • Developers

  • Test Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Scrum Team members 


Why Should You Attend This?

  • To learn how to define efficient QA strategies for Agile Projects

  • To know more about defining Gates as part of Definition of DONE, checkpoints and review forums

  • To explore how automation and techniques like ATDD/TDD help in in-cycle testing and fitting in QA in same sprint as development

  • To learn how defining metrics, guidelines and QIP helps continuous quality improvements

  • To know how technical debt assessment and reduction plan help reduce overheads, meet quality standards and meet DONE

sumeet gupta


Sumeet Gupta

Sumeet is an Agile coach with Srijan Technologies. He is an Agile Enthusiast, scrum practitioner, and creative thinker with a passion for excellence. He helps create and maintain progressive work environment with effective Collaboration, close Coordination and Coaching to achieve positive individual behaviors, team dynamics, cultivating excellence and transitioning into Solid High Performing Agile Teams.

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