Opportunities and Challenges in Enterprise UX Design

By Baruch Sachs Oct 5, 2016

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Learn the opportunities & challenges that accompany enterprise UX design

Whether it’s a financial or HR software, airport management or military operations — large scale enterprises need good UX too. However, although this is a desperate need, the world of enterprise UX presents us with some of the most complex challenges when trying to design world-class user experiences.

Enterprise UX puts a designer or developer in a unique position where technical expertise, collaboration, and a new way of thinking about user experience and constraints is required. Join the webinar to learn about the opportunities that exist and the unique challenges that accompany enterprise UX today, with specific focus on how to solve these challenges in project implementation.

The Webinar Covers:

  • Tactics and strategies for including UX in enterprise projects, to provide meaningful value

  • Understanding of User Experience in large scale enterprise application implementations

  • How to properly size and scope UX into enterprise projects

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Baruch Sachs

Baruch Sachs built and continues to lead the UX Consulting practice at Pegasystems, pushing for a sweeping transformation of UX in the Enterprise space. As a hands on leader and consultant, he has designed and built hundreds of applications for large organizations using 3rd party vendor tools, and has seen first hand the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

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