NASA, Netflix, Tinder - Digital Transformation and Node.js

By Daniel Khan Jan 25, 2017

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.


Explore the possibilities of Node.js applications for the enterprise

Node.js delivers performance, scalability, and speed of innovation for enterprise applications, and has rapidly taken over as the preferred server-side environment.

Every new technology delivers new possibilities and also new challenges. Join the webinar for a quick introduction to Node.js, and the challenges that come up during enterprise deployments.

This Webinar Covers

  • Understand what Node.js is
  • Find out about the typical use cases for Node.js
  • Learn about possible problems and how to make sure that your applications are running smoothly

Don't forget to check out Daniel presentation. It's got some pretty nifty stuff.



Daniel Khan

Daniel has over 15 years of experience as full stack developer, architect, and technical lead in the field of web engineering, proving his strong problem solving skills in hundreds of projects. He is passionate about constant learning, using new technologies, and sharing his findings with others. As technology strategist and a member of the Node.js open source project, Daniel focuses on driving support for Node.js at Dynatrace.

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