Navigating the UX Jungle

By Smita Mishra Oct 28, 2015

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What is the basic difference between UI and UX? Explore


There are very few known techniques that can accurately and consistently shape a good UI/UX. Though most of the companies are spending a lot in deciding the colors and bars on the screen, frankly beauty comes second. It’s a known fact that users resist change. So how can you stage the changes in a way that’s beneficial to your company in terms of revenue, inbound marketing, customer acquisition, and not offending customers enough that they make a massive exodus to your competitor.

The idea is to make the customers happy and save them from feeling like a fool or confused. In the webinar, we will go through real world apps and their stories of evolving UI and UX and how that impacted User Experience for better or worse.

This Webinar's covers

  • To learn about the difference between UX and UI

  • To learn how to apply the 4-step strategy for building a great UX

  • To understand how to measure customer feedback in time

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Smita Mishra

Smita is the Founder of PoolWallet, an online expense sharing app, and is the CEO & Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, which is a software testing organization.

Smita enjoys problem-solving. She supports her customers in identifying the risks their applications are carrying and / or passing on further to their end customers, through carefully crafted skills of product development and software testing. She also engages with different forums to assist growth for women in her field and otherwise too. You can reach her on Twitter at @smita_qazone.

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