Understand & Prepare for GDPR Compliance

By Matt Skinner Jan 24, 2018

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

Join the webinar to get a complete overview of the General Data Protection Regulation, what it means for your business, & prepare your GDPR compliance roadmap.

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The General Data Protection Regulation represents the biggest change to European data laws in decades. It comes into effect on May 25th, 2018, and if you haven’t already chalked out a compliance roadmap, it’s high time you did. The regulation has far-reaching effects and will have a significant impact on any firm that does business in the EU. 

This session is designed to give you a complete overview of GDPR and what it entails. Get an understanding of the regulations introduced, and what it means for your business: data security as well as marketing communications. Join the webinar to plan out your seamless transition into GDPR compliance. 

Who's This For 

  • Technology professionals 

  • Senior marketing professionals 

  • Anyone working with agencies and clients in the EU, looking to understand the complete impact of GDPR 

What's In It for You

  • General overview of GDPR, what it means 

  • Know how enterprises should prepare for it 

  • Understand its impacts on data collection, websites, and comms 

  • Review data security and GDPR’s potential long-term impact on the marketing industry

Matt Skinner


Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner is the Head of Digital Strategy and Data at Proctor + Stevenson, one of the UK’s largest independent agencies. Matt works with multinational clients across the globe, including Panasonic, BMW, looking at all the numbers to help support their marketing strategies. He loves a spreadsheet, despite starting his career as a writer and journalist; and prefers to have ‘data’ for breakfast.

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