Interactive Video Based Tools: Learning Redefined

By Ishan Mahajan Apr 2, 2014

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Learn more about HTML5 and H5P goodness


In this webinar, you will learn how you can use Drupal and H5P (HTML 5 package)  to build a platform that allows you to manage your video repository and allows content editors to create interactive content.

H5P enables existing CMS's and LMS's to create richer content. Trainers can create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games and more. Join this webinar to learn how to use H5P and discover ways to create interactive content using H5P.

Who Should Attend This?

  • Web developers interested in Open source technologies and HTML5

  • Teachers and trainers looking to use videos and interactive content to aid learning

  • Organizations interested in using interactive videos for internal trainings, customer feedback and surveys

  • Anyone interested in e-learning web trends

    Why Should You Attend This?
  • Learn more about HTML5 and H5P goodness

  • To see a demo of Drupal-H5P integration

  • Learn how to use interactive content such as quiz, flashcards, dialogue cards and games to make learning more interesting

  • Capture feedback and survey results in an interesting way

  • Learn how you can create and manage your own video repository using Drupal

  • Learn how to engage your web audience better using interactive videos

  • To learn more about this powerful authoring tool and its features



Ishan Mahajan

Ishan is a Program Manager with several duties including being a Solution Architect and Tech Lead at Srijan; with an overall experience of over 7 years in solutioning, architecting and developing products for online businesses. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has been practicing SCRUM software development and delivery methodologies over the last 5 years in various roles -- as a proxy PO, a Scrum Master, or as a technical architect in Agile-SCRUM teams.

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