How to Run Stateless and Stateful Services on K8S Operator

By Adheip Singh Aug 29, 2019

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Kubernetes has taken the tech world by storm. As an orchestration platform, it has eased the deployment & scaling of stateless applications. However, managing complex, in particular stateful applications, is a major pain.

The extensibility of Kubernetes has led to the development of a rapidly evolving ecosystem around K8S. And as an outcome of this extensibility, Kubernetes Operators were designed which eased packaging, deployment as well as management of a Kubernetes application.

In this webinar, we talk about K8S, with a focus on extensibility and architectural aspects of K8S operators. Additionally, we will perform a live demo of our attempt at writing a Drupal Operator.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the extensibility of Kubernetes

  • Conceptually understand how to run stateless and stateful services on K8S

  • Learn all about K8S operators

  • Get a hands-on demo for writing a Drupal Operator

Who is this for

  • DevOps

  • Technical Architects

  • Software Developers

  • Anyone interested in learning how to run Drupal workloads on Kubernetes and extensibility of Kubernetes




Adheip Singh

Adheip is a Senior DevOps Engineer in Srijan and his primary interest lies in extending Kubernetes and service mesh using Golang. He has a deep understanding of distributed systems , service meshes and infrastructure as well as software architecture. 

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