How to Build Your One-Man UX Army

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Understand how you can simplify user projects with right UX team structure and how to make everybody in the team think UX.

User Experience (UX) has gained a lot of attention in the recent times because of its importance for product growth and development. But it is a problem area for many organizations wanting to set up a UX team. With so much buzz around UI, UX and Usability, questions like: what should your UX team comprise of, is it necessary to get a full force of researchers, information architects, interaction designers and visual designers, or can you do it all with a one-man UX Army, still remain unanswered.

In this webinar, our speaker will address these questions and share how to set the ball rolling with a one-man UX team. He will also touch upon the qualities and responsibilities of a UX person and how you can facilitate a good UX culture within the organisation. Join us to understand more from him.

Who should attend this?

  • UX Designers

  • CEOs & Entrepreneurs wanting to set up a UX team

  • Startups

  • Product Managers

  • Anyone else interested in gaining new perspective on UX

Why should you attend this?

  • To understand how to set up a one-man UX army

  • To know what to expect from a UX team member

  • To learn about the qualities and responsibilities of a UX person

  • To understand how you can facilitate the UX culture

  • To learn how you can make everybody in the team think UX

Mike Madison


Yogesh Bhagchnadani

Yogesh is an award-winnning, creative professional with an overall experience of about 14 years in design. He specialises in Usability, Information Architecture and User Interface design. He currently works with Pebstone Infotech as a UX Architect where he is nurturing the teams for its two home-grown products, Zalp and Imlee.

Yogesh has worked for clients across sectors like Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Education, Oil and Gas, NGO/NPO/Fundraisers, Arts and Entertainment. And he aspires to develop products that have a meaningful and positive impact on people’s everyday lives.

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