Fundraising 101

By Pranay Gupta Mar 4, 2015

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Practical tips on fundraising & how you should prepare your business plan


“Give me a magic template that I can use to raise funds!” We all want it and we often hear people saying it. But sadly, no such template exists. Each investor or VC looks out for different things in a business plan. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, there is not a standard way to get your venture funded. However, there are certain ways that can help you prep up and boost your chances of getting funded.


In this webinar, our speaker will tell you how you should prepare your business plan and documents for fundraising, especially in a manner that suits your startup. He will also cover things like how you should communicate and what are the common mistakes that you should avoid when reaching out to investors.

Who Should Attend This?

  • Entrepreneurs who have already started up or have almost’ started up

  • Startups in pre-funding stage

  • Startup Enthusiasts

Why Should You Attend This?


  • To know what are the essentials of a good B-plan

  • To recognize the common mistakes that entrepreneur’s should avoid

  • To  learn some Do's and Don'ts for the entrepreneurs

Pranay Gupta


Pranay Gupta

Pranay is a partner at 91springboard, the first startup growth hub in India. It makes the job of starting up and scaling easier by providing a fun collaborative co-working space, curated vendors, and networking events.

Pranay is an Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi (IIT-D) and Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A) graduate. He shunned his lucrative financial services job early to participate in and pioneer the Indian entrepreneurship revolution. As the Joint CEO at the Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), he led the IIM-A incubator focusing on Internet & Mobile as well as Agriculture. He has been instrumental in setting up and scaling various programs at CIIE, including 'iAccelerator' and 'Power of Ideas'. During his tenure, CIIE incubated more than 70 startups and he led investments in more than 35, including Travelyaari, Croak, Innoz, Rolocule, among the others. More than 15 of these have successfully raised follow-on investment rounds.

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