Succeeding with a Distributed Workforce

By Harrison Dahme Sep 7, 2016

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Learn the secrets to building a distributed workforce that's agile


Distributed workforce are the future. As an engineering team, you want to work with the very best people you can. Guess what? The most talented engineers probably don’t live near your office - or if they do, it’s in an increasingly competitive market like San Francisco or London. Moreover, when you are building a system that requires 24/7 uptime, having a team that follows the sun helps you to strike a balance between having an alert team and one that gets a good night’s sleep.

In this webinar, our speaker will share the tools, tricks and methodologies that help build and maintain a world-class, worldwide engineering team. Drawing on his experience at Pantheon where 30% of engineers work remotely and some teams have over 50% remote workers, he will help you and your organization learn how to stay effective with a distributed workforce that's spread across cities, countries and time zones.

The Webinar Covers:

  • Knowing your colleagues who are on the other side of the world better than your local colleagues

  • How to be more productive from a cabin in Northern Canada than from a desk in San Francisco

  • Understanding how working with people on the other side of the world will make you better at long distance relationships

Check out Harrison's complete slide deck.

Harrison Dahme


Harrison Dahme

Harrison works as a Product Engineer at Pantheon. He is a Full Stack Software Engineer, born and raised in Toronto and currently lives in San Francisco. He loves learning and making things, both virtual and real - the more challenging, the better. When he’s not building software, you can find him climbing mountains or surfing.

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