Enhance Your Angular 1 Code with TypeScript

By Kumar Abhinav Sep 7, 2016
This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.

A TypeScript AngularJS tutorial helping write better Angular 1 code


Angular 1 has been the most popular front-end framework since the last few years. However, the JavaScript language that it’s based upon has evolved quite a bit since then. New frameworks like Angular 2 and React are using its evolved versions like ES6 and Typescript.

So here's a TypeScript AngularJS tutorial that'll help you update your skills. Join the webinar and learn how to write better Angular 1 code using the power and elegance of Typescript.

This Webinar Covers

  • Understand the basics of Typescript and Angular 1 with a live coding session

  • Learn how to create a basic application written in Angular 1 and Typescript

Check out Abhinav's complete slide deck



Kumar Abhinav

Abhinav has 9 years of experience working across several technology firms, as a web developer and UI consultant. Currently, he works as an independent consultant and corporate trainer, hosting sessions on Angular, JavaScript, and ReactJS.

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