Development 2.0: How New Business Models and Technologies Are Disrupting the Nonprofit Sector

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Learn about technologies that are likely to have a disruptive impact on the nonprofits sector

New technologies and business models are having a transformational impact not only in the private sector, but increasingly in the public and nonprofits sectors as well. It is safe to project that, in 10 years time, the nonprofit sector will look quite differently from what it is now.

Who will be the new players in the nonprofit and humanitarian world? What new business models are emerging? From Airbnb providing emergency housing to flood affected populations to peer-to-peer energy lending: are new technologies enabling alternative infrastructure for resilience that will supersede traditional nonprofit players? In this webinar, our speaker will examine these questions and try to shed light on the rapidly evolving landscape.

Who should attend this?

  • Project/program managers in the nonprofit sector
  • Private sector companies and technology providers that are interested in expanding their client base in the nonprofits sector
  • Folks with an interest in design thinking and its practical applications to solve social issues
  • Anyone else interested in understanding how technologies can be used for social good

Why should you attend this?

  • To know what are the emerging business models in the nonprofits sector
  • To learn about technologies that are likely to have a disruptive impact on the nonprofits sector
  • To gather what are the skills and expertise that will be needed in the development sector of the future
  • To learn what are the new opportunities to forge partnerships between the private and development sectors


Giulio Quaggiotto

Giulio is the manager of Pulse Lab Jakarta, an innovation initiative of the UN Secretary General’s office and the Government of Indonesia aimed at harnessing the power of new digital data sources and real-time analytics for development.

Prior to this, he led the UNDP’s innovation team in Eurasia, focusing on researching and embedding innovation approaches into development programs. Giulio’s experience includes also stints at WWF, the World Bank and the BBC. His interests include social innovation, big data for development and behavioural science. You can reach him on Twitter at @gquaggiotto

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