Client Wrangling Your Way to Great Projects

By Susan Rust Jun 10, 2015

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Learn why Client Wrangling is the key to great projects


Why are successful, profitable projects so hard to achieve? It’s actually quite easy once you start Client Wrangling. Start every project with this step and you’ll have better projects and happier developers! Client Wrangling is the first step to closing the gap between Client needs and expectations and their budget. 

In this webinar, our speaker shares why managing the client’s expectations is more important than the technology. You’ll learn why it is imperative to understand how your client does business so you can help decide what features are essential to their success. This has you adding value, building trust, reducing risk and actually making money.

Who Should Attend This?

  • Project Managers and Account Managers

  • Technical Architects

  • Sales/Business development professionals

Why Should You Attend This?

  • Learn how to sell Client Wrangling

  • Adding value to the project

  • Getting a WIN early in the cycle of an MVP

Susan Rust


Susan Rust

Susan is a Drupal Business Consultant at Drupal Anywhere. As a Drupal Consultant, she emphasizes on building processes to help shops scale their services while running profitably. You can find her on Linkedin for consulting and general business advice.

Susan has been in Drupal since 2006. She has worn many hats in the business world and brings a well-rounded background of training, sales, client services, development, design and operations to her talks.

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