How To Create A Website That Works Best For Your Business

By Marc Issacson Oct 14, 2015

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The key questions that you must answer to create a website

You’ve got this amazing new product or service and you can’t wait to let the world know about it! It must be time to build a website right? Every serious business needs a website. Make sure that your website does what you need it to do, does what your customers expect it to do, and provides the best user experience to tie everything together.


Join this webinar and learn as our speaker reveals the key questions and example answers to these questions that will ensure that you build a website that works for you.


Who Should Attend This?

  • Startups and business owners who want to build a website for their product or service

  • Anyone who wants to generate ROI by marketing/selling their product or service through their website

Why Should You Attend This?

  • To know the key questions that you must answer to create a complete website definition document

  • To create a website that is designed for your ideal customers and not for search engines

  • To learn how you can create a website that actually markets and sells your product or service and generates ROI

Marc Issacson


Marc Issacson

Marc is a freelance Drupal developer and has been using Drupal as a framework to build websites for his clients for over five years. He specializes as a back-end developer and focuses on creating custom web applications and acting as a tech-lead for larger projects. 

While he loves Drupal and building websites, he has seen how clients’ lack of planning leads to budget overruns and building a website that fails to provide a return on investment. Conversely, based on his many years as a successful software developer, he has seen how investing time in planning up front leads to a better product that takes less time to build, costs less money and provides a better return on investment.

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