Building Real-Time Web Apps

By Srirangan Jun 26, 2013

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Real-Time web apps enable users to receive information as soon as it is published by its authors, rather than requiring that they or their software check a source periodically for updates.

Why should I attend?

  • Because you care about the evolution of web apps.
  • You want to understand how real-time web apps are built.
  • And you want to get hands on with the code.

Who should attend?

Web developers, JavaScripters or anybody interested in related topics.




Srirangan is a passionate programmer and product developer and has been programming professionally since 2002, Srirangan bring expertise in both front-end and back-end development. Staying at the creative edge of technology, he specialize in building massively scalable real-time web apps using innovative technologies including Node.js and Scala.

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