Building Native Apps Using RubyMotion

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.


Get a lowdown on how to build native apps on Ruby.

RubyMotion is an application development environment that lets Ruby developers write full-fledged native apps for iOS, Android and OS X using the language they already know and love. RubyMotion apps can access the entire set of platform APIs at no cost and are compiled into machine code. Apps written in RubyMotion have been downloaded millions of times.

In this webinar, we will see how RubyMotion works internally, what makes it different from other mobile toolchains, then go on to building native apps using Ruby motion.

The Webinar Covers:

  • How to access the entire set of iOS and Android APIs directly from Ruby.

  • How to write full native apps that are compiled into machine code (binary) and are never interpreted at runtime.

  • How to use Flow to write a cross-platform app in one Ruby codebase.

Check out Laurent's complete presentation.



Laurent Sansonetti

Laurent hails from Liège, Belgium, and is the founder of HipByte. He is also the original developer of RubyMotion. He worked at Apple for 7 years as a senior software engineer, on both iLife and OS X. At Apple, he maintained the Ruby distribution of OS X and also created the MacRuby project. In a previous life, he worked on IDA Pro and was an active contributor to RubyCocoa and GNOME. 

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