Building BPMN Web Portals with Camunda and Drupal

By Ishan Mahajan Mar 22, 2017

This webinar has now ended. Please view the session recording below.    

A Drupal-Camunda tutorial, looking into integrating the two.

Enterprises today have multiple teams and several applications working in tandem. In such situations, combining a BPMN workflow engine with your content management system gives you a lot of flexibility in managing tasks, and keeping your teams in sync. 

Camunda, an open source, Java-based workflow engine can provide intelligent workflows for large enterprises. And if you are using Drupal as your enterprise CMS, it becomes very easy to design and implement a BPMN web portal that combines these two technologies. Join the webinar for a Drupal-Camunda tutorial that explains how to deploy a Camunda-Drupal connector module, and what are the business benefits for an enterprise

Here's Ishan's complete slide deck.

Who's This For? 

  • Developers and architects who regularly integrate Drupal with other softwares, within large enterprises. 

  • Developers and architects who are interested in learning more about Drupal's REST API capabilities and how Drupal is a great fit for creating web portals for backend enterprise software. 

  • Developers and architects interested in learning about Camunda 

This Webinar Covers:

  • Learn why you need a Camunda-Drupal integration 

  • Understand when to use a Camunda-Drupal integration 

  • Understand how does a Camunda-Drupal integration actually work, and how to implement it 



Ishan Mahajan

Ishan is a Program Manager with several duties including being a Solution Architect and Tech Lead at Srijan; with an overall experience of over 7 years in solutioning, architecting and developing products for online businesses. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and has been practicing SCRUM software development and delivery methodologies over the last 5 years in various roles -- as a proxy PO, a Scrum Master, or as a technical architect in Agile-SCRUM teams

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