Powering Enterprise Cloud with VMware Tanzu

By Team Srijan Dec 8, 2021

Modernizing your existing business applications and infrastructure can help reduce 74% of your total hardware, software, and personnel costs. To enhance the digital capabilities of your business and deliver like digital natives, modernizing your legacy IT platform with cloud native capabilities is a must. It also allows delivering continuous value to your customers. So, any legacy application modernization strategy is incomplete without cloud adoption.

Enterprise cloud adoption accelerates your modernization journey and helps establish a flexible foundation for future innovation. Keeping a close tab on your “Cost of Revenue” is critical for digital businesses. A recent a16z research article describes the phenomenon where the cost of cloud could “take over” at some point. Even businesses that are at a safe distance from such a scenario need to take proactive, strategic actions in time, preferably along with their transformation and modernization journey. As of 2021, 92% of the companies have a multi-cloud strategy in place. Hence, it’s highly crucial to run and manage your existing business software on a powerful enterprise cloud platform.

If you’re planning to adopt a cloud-native technology suite that can extend the value of your existing software investment, it’s time to check out VMware Tanzu. This blog examines how VMware Tanzu powers enterprise cloud implementation and management.

Driving enterprise cloud with VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu paces up your modernization journey by transforming your business into a next-generation enterprise. The platform helps you develop, operate, and manage modern applications on any public or private cloud. Besides assisting you to manage modern apps on the cloud, VMware Tanzu can free your developers by providing easy access to the required resources. It brings together development and operations – DevOps – to simplify multi-cloud operations and management.

Legacy application and infrastructure modernization

Rigid and outdated technology components make it challenging for your existing applications to update, integrate, and scale. It could also expose your systems to potential cyber threats and security vulnerabilities. These challenges prevent you from delivering advanced digital experiences to your customers.
VMware Tanzu helps you derive the fastest path to modernization by:

  • Containerizing your current workloads to run in the cloud. This improves the security and flexibility of your business applications.
  • Rearchitecting or rewriting the existing software. Rewriting your business-critical software makes it more resilient and enables your business to deliver value continuously.

In short, modernizing your existing applications and infrastructure using VMware Tanzu will simplify your cloud operations and enhance the security, stability, and scalability of your business software. VMware Tanzu helps containerize your existing workloads to run safely in the cloud and improves the resilience of your business-critical software. The platform simplifies the rearchitecting of your code. All these features ensure that your customer experience stands a class apart.

Ensure a smooth transition to cloud:

Cloud migration should facilitate your existing applications and infrastructure to run successfully in the cloud. VMware Tanzu Labs offers extensive features to build new, cloud-native business applications and also helps modernize your existing software portfolio. Besides supporting cloud migration, VMware Tanzu increases the portability of your applications so that you can switch to different clouds when needed.

Expedite the enterprise adoption of Kubernetes:

Kubernetes helps manage containerized workloads and services in today’s cloud-first world. It also solves several deployment challenges by streamlining container delivery. However, many enterprises give up Kubernetes adoption due to the lack of technical prowess and experience.

VMware Tanzu offers validated, pre-integrated components to simplify Kubernetes adoption for enterprises. You can run the same K8s across public cloud, edge, and data centers to gain a secure and consistent experience. It allows your development team to quickly access the corresponding Kubernetes clusters in your VMware private cloud.

Gain more power with centralized cloud management:

As your business applications scale, you’ll adopt multiple data centers and cloud, which ultimately increases your Kubernetes footprint. Manage your Kubernetes clusters across various clouds and teams by applying VMware Tanzu’s centralized lifecycle and policy management programs. This improves your business’s responsiveness and also helps you act in real-time before any severe issue pops up. With VMware Tanzu, you can rest assured that you’re consistently applying the policy and security across all your business apps and infrastructure.

Secure, automated platform to deliver software:

VMware Tanzu offers a comprehensive software supply chain that enables your developers to put their codes into action. Using VMware Tanzu, developers can access a self-service catalog of open-source resources, application components, runtimes, databases, and innovative data practices. Thus, developers gain better visibility of applications in the production phase and also improve their troubleshooting capabilities.

Accelerate time-to-market:

Through application and infrastructure modernization, VMware Tanzu aids businesses to deliver feature-rich software quickly. The platform aligns seamlessly with open-source projects and communities, allowing developers to gain access to top-class services, frameworks, and libraries. This improves the quality of application modernization.

Migrate from monolithic to modern with VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu is supercharging the way enterprise applications are run and managed in the cloud. Currently available in Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Community editions, VMware Tanzu supports enterprises to make the most of top cloud-native patterns such as microservices, containers, and Kubernetes. The technology aims at bringing in a culture shift from the traditional lift-and-shift approach to the modern cloud-native development that ensures continuous delivery and performance at scale.

The way forward

In the modernization journeys, the popularity of Kubernetes and the containerization of software, which makes workloads more portable, was in part a reaction to companies not wanting to be locked into a specific cloud. At Srijan, we have been helping our clients in their modernization journey, by developing modern platforms to build, run and secure their cloud native apps using K8S and VMware Tanzu.

Our experts have experience in building new digital platforms and modernizing existing platforms for various businesses including financial, telecommunication and retail industries. Based on the collective experience, we recommend you to explore your modernization initiatives around the following:

  • Enterprise Platform Strategy - Create Multi Cloud, Hybrid Cloud enterprise platform strategy that can build, run & deploy your cloud native modern workloads and legacy workloads seamlessly
  • Unified Platform Experience - Single pane of glass for complete application lifecycle management across Day 1 and efficient Day2 operations across public or private cloud
  • Shorten the time from Idea to launch - Move to value faster & increased revenue from reduced product release cycle time
  • Cross-cutting microservices concerns - Simplify the way connect, monitor, and secure your microservices architecture with Service mesh

Every cloud adoption needs are unique and it is not just enough to choose the right platform, you will need a right partner to accelerate your modernization journey. Srijan is a VMware Professional Solution Provider offering a wide spectrum of services across application and platform modernization. Our team of platform engineers are well-versed in cloud native technologies and posses deep expertise in VMWare Tanzu and Kubernetes. Our long-term association with marquee brands in media, retail, banking and telecom industries is a proof of our engineering capabilities. Connect with us and get started right away.

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