Leveraging technology for seamless processes and memorable customer experiences in Banking

By Sriram Sitaraman Apr 18, 2022

The banking sector is a highly competitive space in India. There still exists a huge servicing gap in this sector. Challenges such as lack of time, lack of reachability and delays of documentation have been affecting all the steps including the account opening process. To offer a better and faster service, banks are now moving towards automation and paperless processes.

Sriram Sitaraman, Director of Technology - Data Science, Srijan speaks with Major Ashish Ahuja, COO, Fino Payments Bank, about common challenges faced by banking organizations and how Fino Payments Bank has been using technology to overcome those making the processes paperless, faster and more efficient.


Key Takeaways

  • Recognizing customer expectations and facilitating memorable experiences
  • Common challenges faced while making a fully digital and paperless service and how to overcome them.
  • How technology can be leveraged for scalability and wider reach

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  • ashish-ahuja

    Major Ashish Ahuja - Chief Operating Officer,
    Fino Payments Bank


Ashish Ahuja is the Chief Operating Officer of our Bank, he joined our Bank with effect from April 1, 2017 and was made the Chief Operating Officer on June 1, 2020. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Delhi. Prior to joining our Bank, he served as a Major in the Indian Army for 11 years and then also worked with ICICI Bank as Deputy General Manager.


  • Sriram

    Sriram Sitaraman
    Director of Technology - Data Science, Srijan

Sriram brings his 20+ years of international experience in delivering Innovative and transformative solutions. He excels at providing solutions across AI, Comp. Vision, Cloud Services, Data Platforms etc. His expertise lies in Digital transformation in the form of Strategy, Consulting and Adoption. At Srijan, he spearheads building innovative, next-gen AI / ML solutions across business use cases

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