Where are all the good PHP developers and team leads?

By Team Srijan Sep 15, 2008

We're still looking for a Team Leader / PHP Tech Architect / PHP Project leader role, with about 2-4 years experience. We must have interviewed at least 25-30 odd people from small to large sized ocmpanies over the last 2 months, and not selected even one, so far. We've rejected people with over 3 - 4 years experience, as their basics have not been clear, and yet they claim to (and truly are) building big live projects.

I have no clue how these companies maintain quality, or deliver projects that perform well. There seems to to be very little desire in people to excel these days. It is so difficult to find good people, with good PHP skill, and with a lot of enthusiasm to learn, and sometimes put learning over money.

There are some good people, I must say in organisations similar to Srijan (or sometime larger) but they are not looking for a switch: (There is a job post we made on Monster India: http://jobs.monsterindia.com/details/6134286.html?sig=js-1-d8e2a0f1c7a23626210cc6677936c9f2-1). Hope this helps.

Enough ranting for today... :(

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