3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience

By Piyush Jun 13, 2019
3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience
3 Ways to Create a Niche with your Customer Experience

Businesses want to be able to deliver more of everything and get multifold in ROI. While gaining more of the customers might not be easy, you can deliver more with better customer experience.

Poor customer service and experience is tantamount to a loss of more customers, given how the word of mouth still goes strong, despite all precautionary measures taken.

Here’s what you need to do to provide the best customer experience.

Why Improve your Customer Experience?

For the sustained growth of your business, it is important that customer experience is critical to your business strategy. Unlike your other campaigns, it is multifold, consisting of multiple touch points on a cross-functional basis.

                     Customers have more options and greater ease of switching than ever

Customer experience amounts to every interaction a customer has with a business, both pre- and post-sale.

It's important to ensure a positive customer experience to build customers loyalty, so they could evangelize your product/ service and help you gain more customers. With digital transformation, customers have more options (your competitors) and greater ease of switching power than ever.


Improving Customer Experience

As a business obsessed with growth, you need to take customer experience and service very seriously. Here’s what you can do.

1. Personalize What Your Service

Everyone loves personalized services, in fact, personalization is leading to positive ROI in some three-quarters (75.5%) of businesses in North America and Europe.

Personalized services make your customers feel valued, no matter which domain your business belongs to.

picture of males and females adjusted in queues

                                                             Source: Econsultancy


While providing customer experience online might seem like an arduous task, it will help you soar above the competition

By learning about user geography, gender, preference - organizations can provide better possible customer experience. Collecting information throughout the customer relationship can provide relevant suggestions and customer support in the future.

Apart from basic optimization like speed load, clean navigation, it should present relevant recommendations. For customers, such personalized recommendations can serve as a sign of respect for their loyalty and business, signalling a keen interest from the business.

By creating an open and universal space for sharing the information with the organization you can create a similar uniform customer experience.  

2. Clear, Effective Communication

Communication plays out a big part in shaping the customer experience. Right message, tone, and channel can help you build trust.

With digitization, you must familiarize yourself with the channel -- whether it be social, email, live chat, or something similar. Customers communicating needs to be present with each piece of information bringing in more nativeness.

It is also important that you are providing important useful information proactively on their preferred channels. Regular feedback from them can help you enhance your service.

3. Act Now. Act Fast

Identify the rate and reasons for customer churn.

Customers are more empowered today than they were 10 years ago. They have more options and easy way to switch. For businesses to provide a great experience, they must prioritize the grievance support from start-to-finish.Prioritizing the problem can generate greater interest. Something as simple as the timely response can be the best way, to provide customers with the ability to help themselves. The ease of experience will leave them feeling better and coming back for more.

In B2B, providing prototype services helps to see the final outcome better also saving your time and energy


You cannot thrive without the support of your customers. Invest in your customer service and experience. Customer experience is your holistic experience. By leveraging the opportunity to use feedback and data analytics, you can leverage its growth potential.

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