Strengthening community support for a faster COVID-19 recovery

By Akshita Rawat May 7, 2020

The global pandemic has triggered unprecedented uncertainty. And although a consensus has emerged around the ‘new normal’, it’s the impact on business operations and revenue stays in limbo.

The spread of the coronavirus is creating an evolving situation for businesses. Non-profits, among other businesses, are experiencing tougher times ahead from loss of income as corporate and individual donors undergo financial strains of their own.

In the midst of this, there is a lot of ambiguity looming over the year’s first DrupalCon. According to the Drupal Association, less than 0.25% of site visitors ( donate to support the Association. It was recently announced that the Drupal Association’s largest revenue-driving event, DrupalCon North America, could potentially be postponed or canceled, creating financial hardship for the organization.

...Srijan is committed to supporting the communities

Srijan is committed to providing its pro-bono support to the communities and frontliners to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Srijan is contributing in many ways to the Drupal Community both financially and through in-kind.

Encouraging employees to donate to #DrupalCare: Srijan made a significant financial contribution to help offset the potential revenue losses from DrupalCon. We have encouraged our employees to also take up voluntary membership to support the community. For others, we have encouraged them to donate directly to DrupalCares. Our employees have come forward to generously contribute, with some doing both.

Drupal Association got support from Srijan employees and Srijan company with a total of ($5000- to confirm) to support their Drupal Care initiative to give the community financial stability and a better future.

  • Supporting Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 initiatives: Srijan has been actively supporting many modules, issues, and developments in both Drupal 8 and 9. With D9 release expected less than a month away, the code contribution would help in making the version easy and stable. We pledge to continue investing even during the current crisis. In the past year, we have made more than --- issue credits for Drupal 8 and --- for Drupal 9.
  • Hosting code contribution: Srijan continues to be one of the largest code contributors for Drupal 9 and pledges to continue investing during the current crisis. We contribute to DA by supporting the code sprints and similar initiatives.
  • Sponsoring a team member to DA: In a one-of-its-kind initiative, since 2019, Srijan has shared one team member in full capacity with DA. And while our team member, Tanisha is employed by Srijan, her work is an embodiment of the synergy between DA and Srijan.
We pledge to continue investing and donating like before during the current crisis. Srijan is always committed to supporting the communities around us. It starts from social communities to open source technology communities.

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