Srijan Tech-Session on March 6th 2010

By Team Srijan Mar 5, 2010

Tomorrow’s session will focus on web applications in the next five years, an introduction to emerging trends in web technologies.

Vivek Khurana will be the chief presenter. Here’s an abstract from the speaker on what can be expected.

Today we see loads of new buzz words and web technologies arising on the horizon. Be it Apple ditching Flash for its new devices or Google planning to drop its Gears, in favor of newer standards. We are expecting a new era of applications on the web. These applications will be a blend of text, audio video and more interactive than current web applications.

The enablers for these new technologies are open standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and SVG. This talk will explain the key concepts of these standards and how they can be used to improve the overall user
experience on the the web, at the same time making web application more robust. We will show you what new things you can do, how you can redo some existing hacks and how to rethink the web application design to take advantages of these cool features.

Oh yes, there will be loads of cool demos, to show you what to expect… From simple audio players to interactive browser based games, to medical applications… all done without any binary only formats,
right inside the browser.

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