Srijan Sponsors CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019

By Hubspot System Feb 26, 2019

We are excited to kick off the year with another set of Drupal events in our calendar, starting with DrupalCamp London. While we sponsor several Drupal events, this one is rather special since Srijan is sponsoring the CxO Day at DrupalCamp London, 2019.

About DrupalCamp London

DrupalCamp London brings together hundreds of people from around the world who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform. This year 500+ Drupalers will be attending the event being held in City, University of London from 1st - 3rd March, 2019.

The CxO Day, slated for 1st March 2019, is primarily aimed at business leaders who provide or make use of Drupal services. The networking event will have several speakers sharing their experiences and insights around working with Drupal and Open Source technologies.

Srijanites at DrupalCamp London

We are proud to share that two expert Srijanites will also be presenting sessions at the event.

CSS battle - Flexbox Vs Grid | Surbhi Gupta, Drupal Front End Developer

Surbhi will be exploring one of the most common questions faced by front end developers: Flexbox Vs Grid. She will showcase various aspects of this scenario - providing a better understanding of the two and highlighting the differences. She will also provide use cases of when to use one over the other, and effective layouts for combining the two.

Reusing Components between Angular, React, Vue and Web-Components | Tarun Sharma, Tech Lead

Tarun will be providing insights into components creation for Angular, React, Vue and web components framework, and how to reuse it. For anyone attending this session, key takeaways would be:

  • How to write web components in different framework

  • How to make a component library and publish it

Besides this, Rajat Lal, Business Head at Srijan, will be at the event to interact with the community about diverse Drupal innovations, challenges, and solutions that the Srijan team is working on.

So if you are attending DrupalCamp London, make sure to drop by the Srijan booth. We would be delighted to understand how your enterprise uses Drupal, and identify new possibilities for collaboration.

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