Srijan Rockstars at DrupalCon Asia: Part 2

By Team Srijan Feb 16, 2016

In our previous blog on Srijan Rockstars, we interviewed Shashank Merothia who will present a session on Technical Discovery to start a Drupal 8 project. This time, we have interviewed our another passionate Drupaler Manjit Singh, who will be present at DrupalCon Asia to give a session on How to build a sustainable contribution culture in your organization.

Q.1 What motivates you to contribute to the Drupal community?

Ans -  There are many people in the Drupal community who will help you on IRC or forums in case you need some help. They do this because they have also learnt something from the community. Just like them, I also believe in sharing the knowledge in which you have expertise, and getting help from other's expertise. This is how the community grows.

Q.2 What role do you think DrupalCon Asia will play in the rise of Drupal in India?

Ans - Drupal has evolved a lot in last 5 years. New folks pitch in every year at the Drupal camps and learn Drupal. More people from India are contributing to Drupal. Drupalcon Asia validates that India could be a good place for the Drupal market. So I think it is a good opportunity for all drupalers.

Q.3 How does Srijan enable/help you to work towards Drupal community? 

Ans - Drupalers at Srijan believe in contributing to the community in their free time. We have organized many code sprints internally. Moreover,  our belief in "giving back to the community" also helps in our personal growth and technical skills.

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