Srijan is Gold Sponsor for DrupalCamp Goa

By Hubspot System Feb 27, 2019

The Drupal events calendar in India is opening with the ever exciting DrupalCamp Goa. Slated for 2nd - 3rd March 2019, the community event will see 300+ technology enthusiasts from India and beyond come together to discuss Drupal and associated technologies, industry trends and demonstrate their technical skills.

The Srijan team has always been an integral part of the DrupalCamp Goa proceedings, as Gold sponsor for the event this year. Srijan’s Shadab Ashraf, Surabhi Gokte, Manjit Singh, and Navneet Kaur are part of the core committee. They, along with volunteers from  peer Drupal agencies in India, have pulled out all the stops to make it a great event.

Speakers from Srijan

And of course there’ll be Srijanites sharing their tips, tricks, and experiences with some valuable sessions:


SSO : Smack the Drupal with SAML and OKTA, representing a beautiful love triangle | Sugandh Khanna, Senior Drupal Developer

Sugandh will be talking about Drupal, OKTA, and SimpleSAMLphp, their history and the future. She will also talk about single sign-on and the compliance issues with it, along with a hands-on demo of how to:

  • install and configure SimpleSAMLphp as SP, and Okta as IDP

  • integrate SimpleSAMLphp into Drupal 8 and create your SSO network.


Super Test your Drupal Site with Codeception! | Sami Ullah, Senior QA Engineer

Sami’s session focuses on understanding when and why use Codeception for QA automation. He will share the basics - set up and testing, and also how to use Drupal modules while writing Codeception tests.

From a Team Member to a First Time Manager  | Akshita Rawat, Content Editor    

Akshita will share her journey at Srijan, talking about leading virtual team members, communicating like a manager, and balancing the strengths of different members. It will help the attendees to establish themselves as an effective leader or manager at their organizations.

There’s a lot happening and you have to be there to experiences it. So join us this weekend at Faculty Block - E, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa, India.

To know more about the event contact the organizing committee or just register for the event!

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