Srijan sponsors DrupalCamp London

By Gaurang Agrawal Feb 28, 2018

Srijan has been continuously giving back to the Drupal community by encouraging teams to contribute code, modules, and sponsoring events across the globe. This year, we are kickstarting the season with sponsoring DrupalCamp London.

About DrupalCamp London 

Drupal Camp London brings together brilliant minds from across the globe that have the zeal and the passion to develop and support the Drupal community. Drupal enthusiasts and volunteers - both individuals and organizations - have made the camp successful each time, and once again they are giving Drupalers a chance to meet, discuss and engage in the Drupal community.

The three day camp is being hosted at City, University of London from 2nd-4th March 2018 and will be a fantastic opportunity to gain contacts and share knowledge from your experiences. 

We also have three, very interesting sessions by Srijanites, at the event:

Accelerating Mobile Pages for Higher Performance and Engagement | Surbhi Sriwal
3 March 2018 | Room: ELG04

Surbhi will be speaking about her encounters and experiences while working with AMP on a Drupal site, and how it helps with ranking higher on Google SERPs. Join the session if you are curious about accelerating the speed and performance of your site, and want to fast track your mobile-first strategy.

Let’s Take the Best Route - Exploring Drupal 8 Routing System | Surbhi Sriwal
3 March 2018 | Room: B200

Surbhi will be discussing what Drupal’s routing system can do. She will be demonstrating the best practices while defining the routes, and talk about how routing dumps a URL matcher/generator to a particular route and how it maps an HTTP request.

New Recipe of Decoupling- Drupal 8, Symphony and Slim Framework | Jyoti Singh
4 March 2018 | Room: B200

Jyoti will share her latest project experience that used a decoupled and dis-joint architecture solution based on the three-tier architecture approach. The back-office operations, logical decisions, and frontend presentation layers were completely separate facilitating developers to innovate, and help site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.

So, let's catch up at the three day camp in Northampton Square at City University, London.

Meanwhile, if you wish to discuss your digital transformation projects, just drop us a line below and our Drupal experts will be in touch.

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