"Multiple File Upload" using a Java Applet

By Team Srijan Dec 9, 2009

A 'corrupted file upload check' has been implemented using the MD5 checksum method. In this approach, the MD5 hash of the files being uploaded will be calculated once on the client machine and then on the server after the file is uploaded on the server. Matching both the MD5 hash would do the verification.

The file upload and MD5 hash calculation is done on the client machine by a Java applet. A PHP script will do the MD5 hash calculation on server. The PHP script will also match both the MD5 hash for verification. A match of the MD5 hash will confirm file uploading without any corruption of the file data.

The Java Applet will send the file and the MD5 hash in the format as per the HTTP protocol, and hence any scripting language tool will be able to read the file data, thus giving a smooth integration with TYPO3 as well.

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