Moving to Open Source

By Team Srijan Nov 29, 2009

All organizations must, in our view, become social publishers who seek to remove communication barriers and enhance collaboration throughout: amongst employees, between them and their respective communities. In so doing, social publishers embrace the wisdom of the crowd, and build their authority and reputation while mingling directly and joining in the markets they intend to serve.

From the information consumer’s perspective, social publishing companies provide access and influence. When people feel they have access to conversations with in organization, both internally with management, and externally, (as well as with other customers, voters or students), they feel better connected to that organization. With that access, people feel they have the opportunity to influence decision-making – whether to share an innovative concept or opinion, improve product or process quality.

We believe that to fulfill this promise, you need a social publishing platform which is rich in functionality, is built by one of the world’s largest community of developers, and is backed by the support and services to ensure reliability and performance of your company’s web presence. The Drupal project ( has built that social publishing platform, and we at Acquia provide the essential software, support and services to ensure your social publishing journey is a safe one.

We also believe that you should get cracking on your social publishing journey now, if you haven’t already – because laggards will be ignored by customers and prospects, and lose progressively more of their authority and reputation, to competitive forces who are moving swiftly, engaging directly and dynamically with their communities.

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