LAMP Technical Manager/Architect opening

By Team Srijan Feb 1, 2008

We're seeking an Technical Manager/Technical Architect who MUST BE ABLE to perform the following tasks:

  1. Technical Role

    • independently build applications based on any of the following frameworks: TYPO3, Drupal, Zend, Seagull, Symfony, Codeigniter, ATK, Horde
    • independently use Javascript libraries such as JQuery or EXTJS, AJAX, XML in projects which require use of these frameworks
    • design Architecture approach for all major projects at Srijan on any of the above frameworks
    • troubleshoot projects in all these Frameworks for Developers and Technical Lead Developers at Srijan
    • innovates and helps find out cool Web 2.0 technology solutions thus helping Srijan adopt new technologies and frameworks, improve processes, increase its working efficiency and thus go up the value chain
    • carry out detailed Effort Estimation with Account Managers and Technical Project Leaders when a Project is acquired
    • support Account Managers (non-technical people amnaging projects at Srijan) in preparing project plans from a technical standoint
    • understand project specifications from customers effectively and clearly
    • think through gaps in the project workflow, and ask right questions from customers (external and internal)
    • coach and mentor Technical Lead Developers into becming more proficient in taking such design decisions
    • ensure deliverables meet high-quality coding standards by carrying out regular Code Reviews
    • communicate clearly with customers (written and verbal) in English
  2. Project Acquisition and Management

    • Helps create Technical proposals for projects
    • Takes ownership in rolling out quick ballpark Effort Estimates, based on past experience, for projects in the pre-sales stage

The performer MUST BE ABLE TOM LEARN skills to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Project Management

    • stay on top of multiple projects, and oversees progress on tasks with respective Project Leaders daily
    • sound-off Account Managers in potential Technical bottlenecks
    • help during the Recruitment process by conducting technical interviews
  2. Technical Roles

  • create E-R diagrams, UML models and interpreting them
  • optimisation techniques for PHP, Apache and MySQL.
  • write Unit Test Cases and implement same on Test Frameworks
  • self-learn new frameworks and technology areas such as Alfresco, Plone, Ruby on Rails
  • create industry standard High-Level Architecture documents

We would prefer candidates with the following Personality Traits:

  • Manages personal time efficiently and completes tasks within regular office timings
  • Eager and willing to learn self-improvement techniques; identifies gaps in own skills and works towards self-improvement
  • Looks around for innovative tools, processes and practices for improvement
  • Follows accepted Project Management and Project Communication practices diligently
  • Prepares Project Plan using tools such as MS-Project, Planner, others
  • Tests and checks Quality at completion of each stage of the project - milestone or to-do list (or similar broad tasks)
  • Even basic spoken or written German skills would be ideal

Please write to us at: with your CV, and the email subject as "Account Manager/Project Manager opening". About Srijan:

  • a people's company; completely transparent (everyone's salaries are intentionally made public within the company; company's profits are known and shared across the board); very democratic;
  • 20% of all profits of the company are shared each quarter (work like a partner)
  • a very comfortable work environment at office; excellent team bonding; lots of office parties :-)
  • one of the leading open source company in India
  • specialisation in Content Management Systems, specifically TYPO3, Drupal
  • work for several large national and international customers such as Delft University in Netherlands, BAUHAUS in Germany, Airtel in India
  • recent partnership setup in Germany for marketing and business development
  • team of 20 people; looking to increase to about 25-30 people over next few months
  • building lots of products in the GPS, Resource Planning, and out-of-the-box website management systems for the inbound Travel sector
  • 2 offices in Nehru Place, New Delh; (really helps if you live in Delhi and do not wish to burn 5 hours of your day travelling to Gurgaon or NOIDA)

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