Key Digital marketing trends you need to know in 2020

By Maria Baeza Mar 24, 2020

Digital marketing has completely transformed the concept of marketing in the business world. Backed by ever-evolving technological advancements, the digital marketing landscape is also sure to witness many breakthroughs with time. Listed below are 9 highly effective digital marketing trends that every marketer must implement in 2020.

Digital Marketing Trends

Below are the top 9 digital marketing trends to capitalize on-

1. Make use of social commerce

Why need to make your social media followers visit your brand’s webpage to purchase if they can do it directly from their social media app? You can make them purchase your products directly through your social media posts. This can be done by posting shoppable content on your social media posts and integrating them into third-party apps.

social media icons floating in green grass and blue skyInstagram is becoming the most popular social media app for engaging users in social commerce. Since the launch of the “checkout” feature in 2019, more and more users resort to this platform when they are looking to purchase a certain product. Due to a seamless shopping experience, there are fewer bounce rates when it comes to shopping through social media platforms.

2. Direct messaging

Direct messaging is a leading digital marketing trend of 2020, which helps in building a long-lasting bond with your customers. Many social media messaging apps can be used to establish direct communication with your customers. With direct messages, the communication becomes more personalized and it is easy to address diverse queries.

a phone showing exchange of messagesMake sure to use popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Fb, and Viber, which have a huge user base. Also, to make your users message you first, you should come up with effective tactics. Introducing special coupons and offers are a great way to lure your customers to message you.

3. Influencer marketing

When we talk about digital marketing, no business can miss out on the opportunities generated by influencer marketing. Especially, the new ones in the business. Social media “influence” is now quite popular term in the digital marketing world, where your products are reviewed by an influencer and presented innovatively to his/her audience.

But, this is not going to happen just by sending influencers with the sample of your product. You need to have an understanding of their brand affinity, followers’ sentiments, charges, and other relevant details.

Small businesses can go for “micro-influencers” who have a narrow audience base and can manage to keep touch with their followers.

4. Smart Vlogging

Video blogs or Vlogs are growing as the most popular medium of posting online content. They appeal to 90% of your audience and make it easy to understand the features of the products or services your brand is offering. Vlogs are more personal than explainer videos or short advertisements as a direct connection is established between the vlogger and the viewer.

A woman recording video through cameraWith the rise of video marketing, it is important to strategically design your vlogs to provide maximum value and information to the audiences. Only when they are served with useful value-added information, they tend to remain loyal to your brand and eagerly look forward to your next post.

5. Reviving the structure of emails

Emails have always been a mandatory part of digital marketing. With time, their usage has declined and become stagnant. However, with revived and polished emails, you can surely improve your conversion rates.

Gone are the days of plain and simple emails. You should make them interactive and appealing to the recipients. It can be done by including attractive visuals and designs, which keep your readers engaged. Use innovative designs and provide links to the products you are trying to promote.

6. Featured snippets

Popular search engine platforms keep updating their algorithms quite often, which results in rapid changes in the digital marketing trends. They are becoming smarter to cater to the needs of the diverse consumer base. Marketers need to adjust to these SEO trends to remain in the game.

Search engines make use of featured snippets to deliver better content to the users. Your SEO techniques need to be designed keeping in that the content is optimized according to these featured snippets. High-quality and well-structured content is what you need to produce to grasp the attention of search engines and end consumers as well.

7. Prioritize personalized experience

Try to excel at giving a personalized experience to your customers for that is what helps in customer retention for the longest time. The best way to learn about customer preferences is by making intelligent assumptions based on their past behavior and purchase history.

With the help of intelligent assumptions, you can serve them with tailored content based on their interests. Intimating your customers with real-time updates on new content at the right place and time is an important personalized service, which customers highly expect these days.

8. Voice Search

Voice search technology is changing the way digital marketing is conducted. Around 70% of smartphone users conduct Internet searches with the help of voice assistants. If you are not making use of it, you are not bringing a lot of benefits to the table.

A person using voice search on mobile phoneTo make use of this technology, focus on making your content optimized for voice search. It would require you to come up with different tactics as users use conversational queries to conduct voice searches. Also, make your brand ready for smart-device advertisements.

9. Focus on Customer retention

Digital marketing is not just about attracting new customers. It is also about coming up with effective techniques to retain the trust and loyalty of your existing customers. One loyal customer is twice more worth than 10 new customers.

Come up with exciting offers for your existing customers once in a while to keep them pampered. Make sure their queries and complaints are resolved promptly. Share the posts they make about your products and services on your social media pages.


With flocks of key marketing trends evolving every other day, predicting what’s best for your industry becomes difficult. Instead of focusing on anything and everything that comes your way, devise your marketing strategies based on the above-mentioned tactics.

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