Introduction to MongoDB Platform

By Kristen Smith Mar 12, 2020

Are you confused with multiple databases? Are you having issues with locating and monitoring the best databases? If yes, then you need to take a look into the document-based database models. It might help you to control the various data types effectively. One of the prominent database management systems that organizations are saying yes to is MongoDB.  

Understanding MongoDB

MongoDB gets best defined as a high-volume database system that works on a NoSQL platform. Being an open-source database management platform, it helps you monitor multiple databases here. It was three developers who came up with MongoDB, namely Dwight Merriman, KevinP. Ryan, and Eliot Horowitz. This database platform got released back on February 11th, 2009. Furthermore, the management system gets written in Python, C++, JavaScript, and Go. To know more about this, you can check out

A few essential MongoDB facts 

Are you thinking if you should deploy MongoDB in your organization? If yes, then the following facts about the platform will help you to arrive at an informed decision.


  • One of the best aspects of MongoDB is that it gets installed without authentication. You don’t need to get busy with any authentication pre-setup. However, if you want, you can add multiple several authentication processes, for instance, ID/Password and so on.
  • It gets considered one of the ideal database management systems. Other platforms show up lags and errors when they are managing high-end information. However, in the case of MongoDB, you can relax as it worked effectively even when you have excess work pressure. 
  • The platform offers a specialized geospatial function. Hence, if you want to develop an app which comprises of the location-based feature, it is one of the ideal solutions. This platform enables you to build location tracking, finding, location-oriented event tracking, and much more.
  • The other feature of this platform is that you can generate identical data sets seamlessly. Also, it is incredibly useful and smart for managing the replica function issues and failures as well. 
  • The platform can manage document storage databases across various servers. Even though several DBMS programs can work across multiple servers, this platform provides a highly effective performance.

Simply put, when you make use of MongoDB, you discover that it utilizes the JSON oriented document storage system. It enables you to incorporate all your app with various other platforms easily. A few of the platforms are Google Maps, YouTube, and much more.

Why are organizations counting on MongoDB?

One of the main reasons why most organizations are resorting to MongoDB is because of its innovative features. Some of the essential functions and features that help organizations are:

  • Most database developers want to work on this platform. However, the developer might remain uninformed and clueless about the queries that they can come across. This problem needs to get solved. For this, MongoDB has come up with an ad-hoc question structure. And in this system, you can learn about all the essential database design questions. The answers are available in real-time. It allows you to modify the queries and also enhance it. 
  • MongoDB is highly flexible. It also provides users with a database that doesn't have a schema. The advantage of this is that users can add several fields in the database and the content.
  • In the other database management systems, you might have to put the data in columns and rows. There are times when you can add value to it as well. However, when it comes to MongoDB, using the NoSQL assistance, you are given fields in place of tables and rows. And in these fields, you can incorporate multiple data forms. Additionally, you can add a similar data type in MongoDB for having all the single data in one place. Most of the data store comes with a unique id that helps you to have access to the specific data without any hassle.

The obvious advantages

Often people wonder about the MongoDB benefits. The apparent advantages of this database system are:

  • It is open-source 

The open-source database provides you complete peace of mind! It also offers you ample scope to learn about custom development. Today, there are several data breaches. Hence, when you have complete access to database code, you feel in control. There’s also a proactive community that comes up with several third-party assistance amongst the developers. The community also provides a popular solution and its integration for database management issues.

  • Flexibility

Simply put, MongoDB got created to cater to online transaction processing! Hence, the database system's structure complements the same as well. Several successful organizations make use of MongoDB as its open-source and free. There are other start-ups and small business firms, too, that find this database platform useful and attractive. When you use MongoDB, you can seamlessly manage customer data management, mobile application management, and content management.

  • The data structure doesn't have a schema

Usually, the relational database systems comprise of strict schemas which can restrict the data structure flexibility! MongoDB gets best defined as a document store database, and the schema here isn't rigid. Here the documents use the structures and fields, which makes good sense for every application. Users have the scope to experiment with multiple database structures that you can’t attain in the SQL as well as other relational choices. 

  • It is developer-friendly

The MongoDB provides multiple resources for helping the developers to get started making use of the database. Here the documentation process is well-written and thorough. Also, the installation is easy and hassle-free. Being open-source, this database platform provides its users with an active community for it. Several users feel that they can learn about MongoDB, and it uses easily in comparison to multiple other databases. Furthermore, the platform enables you quick adoption and also reduces the training time. 

These are some of the salient points, features, and advantages of MongoDB that you need to know before you think about using it. The benefits mentioned above and features are the reason why this platform is popular amongst both established and small-scale businesses. Once you have decided to opt-in for it, you can ask your database management to help you with the implementation process. 

**This post is written by our guest author Kristen Smith. She's a blogger and content writer who likes to write articles on Web Design, Social Media, and Technology.

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