Insights from Dries Note at DrupalCon Asia 2016

By Team Srijan Feb 20, 2016

In November 2011, I had the chance to attend the keynote by Dries Buytaert at Drupal Camp Delhi. After four years, I was attending DriesNote once again at DrupalCon Asia.

What brought Dries back to India—was it Indian food? I believe one of the primary reasons for DrupalCon to come to India is that the country offered a great opportunity for the Drupal project.

Contributions to an open source project and an active community define any open source project. Contributions are important, and this is why DriesNote made sure to cover that as well.

 2016 is seeing a digital revolution. Digital experiences are not just limited to mobile apps or websites; digital experiences have started to define all aspects of our lives, through smart watches, IOT (Internet of Things), smart shoes, etc. Hence, consistent innovation is required in Drupal so that it becomes the primary open source framework to provide such digital experiences.

One thing that was different in this Con though was that we had Spiderman to take the customary community picture! Thanks @dajso!

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