Hire a Drupal team for the price of one developer

By Team Srijan Jun 26, 2012

Replacing the ineffective single resource

As aforementioned in the last blog, hiring a developer isn't a great idea due to the numerous hurdles that crop up in the maintenance journey. Keeping all the factors in mind we will now discuss the benefits that a team is capable of producing. The Drupal Team model brings in efficient and effective solutions to any support and maintenance related problem in your site.

Once again coming back to the requirements of maintaining a mid-sized  Drupal website that requires the following professionals:

1. Site configuration expert

2. Drupal CSS/theming expert

3. Drupal Developer

4. Quality Assurance

5. A Project Manager/Business Analyst

For details refer to the previous blog.

The above roles are the genesis of a strong Drupal maintenance team that proves to be advantageous in a long run. Advantageous- because it is adequately staffed and assures better performance.

So, what are the advantages of a Team offering support?

A Drupal super hero is certainly unavailable however a skilled team with the right kind of resources can definitely do wonders. Here's why:

1. Knowledge retention: This is an essential component within any team that brings in success. Constant engagement with codes ,bugs, security, enhancement et all gives way to better ideas. A team is the spine of any organization that’s looking for simultaneous website maintenance.

2. Fringe Support:

  1. Business Analyst: who can understand and document the business needs and help translate these into a measurable set of feature requests; often the same resource can double up as a client-interface manager as well.
  2. Technical Architect: Someone who has experience designing and architect applications across technologies, with several years doing so with Drupal applications. The key role this person performs, in application maintenance scenario, is that of a mentor and troubleshooter.
  3. Deployment Manager: There is a need to have extensive and carefully controlled deployment processes in place, specifically in cases of mission-critical websites involving payment transactions or high-uptime scenarios.
  4. Muti-skilled Professionals: A team that has a myriad acumen with the ability to go into the nitty gritties of a project proves viable for the client. Issues such as absenteeism of one team member do not hinder the work progress.
  5. New Features: Along with the repair work/support and maintenance, the additional features and updates for the website come complementary for the client. This is a lot more advantageous since the team recurrently reviews the codes and other essential structures.
  6. Time Factor: A team solely dedicated to maintenance shall deliver the service within the given time frame. For instance, suppose the team has a around 700-800 hourse roughly dedicated to support and maintenance, a hundred hours can easily be carved out for your site support without any hurdles.

Therefore, replacing a single resource with the team proves to be cost effective that guarantees a better occupancy which in turn instills High Morales leading to low attrition. Srijan has successfully implemented the Drupal Team model for it's clients.

Srijan's unique service offering

Srijan has come up with unique offering of blocking billable hours across an adequately staffed support and maintenance team. This offers significant advantages to our clients. They get the benefit of availability of all desired roles and processes to maintain a software development lifecycle,  yet at a fraction of the cost of internally or externally positioning such a team.

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