Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

By Mayank Gupta May 3, 2019
Global Leaders in Drupal Certification
Global Leaders in Drupal Certification

The market where you operate is stuffed with several competitors. How then are you supposed to differentiate yourself, interest your stakeholders, and earn their trust?

By demonstrating your knowledge and team expertise in the niche field! 

And an easy way to do so is by building upon your credentials through certification programs.

The Certification and Partner Program, launched by Acquia 5 years ago, is the way to build credentials for Drupal organizations and developers. Also known as Acquia certification, the program has been a big success in the community. One major reason being that they provide a valuable data point for recruiters and a way for developers to demonstrate their knowledge and stand out.

It consists of four exams that Drupal developers and Acquia partner agencies like Srijan can benefit from - Site Builder, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Specialist. If someone clears the four exams within a year, from first appearing, they earn the title of a Grandmaster.  

“Time to boast! - At the time of writing of this post, Srijan is the 2nd company with highest number of developer certifications (61) and 3 Drupal Grand Master certifications after Acquia.”

Why Acquia Certification?

Acquia Platform Certification is a premium professional Drupal certification program. It is a trusted benchmark for validating and promoting team expertise, up-skilling teams and individuals and ensuring the success of a project delivery. Further, it also helps minimize risks when hiring.

“At Srijan we encourage our developers with quarterly batches for Certification”

Digital agencies and Acquia partners can use Acquia Certification to reduce risks by validating skills of their prospective hires. The certification program ensures the developers meet all the standard bar of skills across requisite knowledge domains.

Some Acquia delivery partners are also required to certify team members to achieve Qualified Delivery Team status. This can be of significant value and help businesses get certain clients or projects.

Why agencies must encourage their employees?

Fielding a certified team differentiates you in the marketplace and helps you win business.  

With an in-house team of certified developers, organizations can keep up with the current and latest Drupal knowledge and skills. It further helps you get the most out of your investment.

Individual Drupalists use Acquia Certification to establish their competence in a competitive marketplace and stand out in the eyes of their prospective employers.

At Srijan, we encourage our developers by sponsoring their exam. And excitedly look forward to getting more developers certified and giving back to the community.

What are we aiming at?

An important part when ascending the business ladder is building the right team. This particular point becomes the crux of the situation. Often, this comes as a big hurdle as one leading person moves over a dedicated role.

While letting go off is tough, it is easier to identify and reflect on their performance by mapping to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). When you are certified, it is an official stamp on your abilities, one that any other person in the company knows of already.

This helps our team to not only polish their existing skills but prepare them for more challenging tasks and responsibilities, too.

The effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability to perform several interconnected activities simultaneously, in order to achieve its intended results and meet stakeholders’ expectations. At Srijan, not only we believe in it but we also follow it.

Having said that our different teams regularly appear for their respective niche and refine their skills. This helps us:

  1. Get more experienced people on board
  2. Gives them the confidence to implement their knowledge and skills with other technologies offering hybrid solutions

Currently, we have 28 certified professionals other than Drupal, with 29 kinds of certifications.  

Looking for a team of Drupal 8 experts to develop and improve your digital property? Reach out to us at  for best Drupal services.

Srijan is Signature Supporting Partner to the Drupal Association. With 140+ seasoned Drupalers of which 60+ are Acquia Certified, Srijan has the largest team of Drupal experts in Asia.

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