DrupalCon Asia Sponsorship and Contribution

By Team Srijan Jan 11, 2016

DrupalCon Asia is just a month away and everyone at Srijan is really excited about the event. Srijan has always been a regular participant in global Drupal community events. So far, DrupalCon has been held all around the world, and we have ensured our participation through sponsorships, attending events, and mentoring the code sprints. Now that it is being hosted in India, folks here are filled with even more enthusiasm. 


Srijan is one of the gold sponsors at DrupalCon Asia. As mentioned in our one of our blogs, three sessions will be presented by Srijanites. And the best part is that all these sessions are on different topics. There will be a business session on data science and analytics in Drupal by Obaid Malik, a technical session on technical discovery in Drupal 8 by Ravindra Singh and Shashank Merothiya, and finally a session on building a sustainable organizational culture by Ashish Thakur and Manjit Singh.


Ravindra and Manjit will also be helping a company from Canada to impart training in Drupal 8 theming. This training will be beneficial for designers and developers who have HTML/CSS background and are responsible for developing or maintaining a custom Drupal theme, and want to get into Drupal theming. It will also be useful for Drupal 7 themers who want to upgrade their skills. 


More than thirty people from Srijan will be present at the event. Some of our folks will be mentors at code sprints. Others will be involved in attending sessions and participating in codes sprints to gain valuable insights. You can also catch us at the Srijan booth that will be set up at the event.


We hope to see you in Mumbai. If you have any queries about the event, please contact us.

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