Drupal for Media Websites: An Ideal Content Management Platform

By Team Srijan May 13, 2015

Due to the lack of time to read newspapers and rapid growth in the internet adaptation, people prefer taking their daily dose of news from media websites. To accommodate huge traffic while engaging the users, it is vital for media companies to incorporate such a technology on their websites which provides customization, flexibility and high levels of interactivity.  

Some of the biggest names in media are already using Drupal to fulfill this need. The advantage with Drupal is that it provides enterprise class the content management platform that is ideal for media websites. Here are some of the features which Drupal provides and are a must for any media company website.


1. Content Management: Drupal is highly content driven. It supports the content management and maintenance dynamically. It also supports different states of content development such as acquisition, production, packaging, distribution and archiving. Media websites need exactly the same thing – vast content to archive, fresh content to produce, and at the same time, managing and distributing the content.

2. Customization and Social Media Interactivity: One of the current and high demands of the media industry is the need to engage customers in a personalized way. The customization is essential because it pushes the users to interact, share and consume. By driving present customers to engage with content, we acquire more customers. Drupal has specific features considering this need.

3. Responsiveness: When you use Drupal, you create a responsive layout where you can accommodate your site at several platforms such as mobile devic1es, tablets, and desktops. Besides responsiveness, Drupal can also provide customization in different languages. The multi-lingual support is part of your model, making it easier to provide regional content translations.

4. Monetization: Along with customization and content management, you can reap monetary benefits as well. You can create business models and strategies to churn money out of the content. Drupal’s theme gives you various options like advertising, subscriptions, promotions or one-time purchase interactions.


Below are some of the media websites which are using Drupal as their content management platform and leveraging benefits: 

  • Reuters: One of the world’s largest international multimedia news providers needed a powerful CMS to cover the Olympic Games that could handle the hundreds of thousands of pictures, news stories and results across the event.
  • Social Media Hat: Social Media Hat provides news and information on social media, blogs, internet marketing, SEO, mobile apps and technology to help small businesses and organizations grow their business.
  • World Economic Forum: World Economic Forum is an international institution that engages political, business, academic and other leaders of society in collaborative efforts to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

All these websites needed a careful balance of automation and editor control. Drupal lets them manage their vast content and interact with users. At the same time, it monetizes the websites for advertisements.

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