Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020 at Delhi NCR

By Urvashi Melwani Jan 31, 2020

Kickstarting the year with a contribution weekend globally from 24 January - 26 January, Drupal Association was able to gather participants from over 30 cities in 17 countries.  Among the 7 locations the contribution sprint happened in India, Srijan Technologies led the Delhi NCR sprint from its Gurgaon office on 25 January 2020.

The one-day session witnessed more than 25 people coming together from various organizations like Mckinsey, TCS, BirlaSoft, QED42, and JBi Digital coming together to not just fix issues but also to share their experiences with Drupal. Our crowd a perfect mix of site builders, testers, designers, project managers, marketers, writers, and, of course, developers contribute to the open-source project. 

The schedule for  DGCW encompassed engaging sessions at length from Drupal India Association on introduction to Drupal 9 to individual sessions from contributors, fixing of patches, and their evaluation. The objective was to provide attendees with an opportunity to showcase their recent work, module or contribution, besides discussing their experiences with Drupal related tools.

By the end of the sprint, we resolved 28 issues and fixing 17 patches, which were later evaluated as well to discuss and make learning, fun for all.


group of people standing


drupal-contribution-weekend-2In addition, three individual sessions were delivered on topics ranging from the latest update, architecture, and user activity

  1. Introduction to Drupal 9, by Vaibhav Jain, Srijan Technologies
  2. Progressive Decoupled App on Drupal 8, by Pradeep Kumar Jha, Rajiv Patel, and Siddharth Sharma, Srijan Technologies
  3. User Activity and Log Management, by Vernit Gupta, BirlaSoft

man standing in front of a blue tv screen Vernit Gupta from BirlaSoft presenting a session on User Activity and Log Management

The idea behind conducting the DGCW is to make Drupal attendees cognizant of the latest developments in the community and the project across the globe and encourage contribution, involvement in strategic initiatives and get the support for the imminent release of Drupal 9.

Srijan, being a persistent Drupal contributor with nearly 60 plus certified developers and more than 1000 plus D7 and D8 commits, aims at motivating masses to contribute or give back to the growing community by sharing the information  & expertise on the same.

A Signature supporting partner, we always strive to provide a platform for Drupal enthusiasts to meet, network and innovate.

Srijan looks forward to sponsoring many more upcoming events in the near future, like DrupalCon Minneapolis, DrupalCamp Manila, Kubernetes Day, and Decoupled Days, similar to the ones it has sponsored in the past both locally and internationally.


**With inputs from Vaibhav Jain

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