Doing Things Right - An Open Source Journey Towards Product Excellence

By Suhita Ghatak Nov 9, 2020

Being one of the largest Drupal companies globally, we are committed to making the community bigger and better.

At Srijan, we build thoughtfully designed systems that work for today and adapt for tomorrow. As a global full-stack engineering organization, we believe in doing business with people hence our business philosophy is all about nurturing our clients and contributing to the software development community. This reflects our association with Drupal. We started our open source journey with Drupal in the early 2000s and ever since then it has been one of our core competencies. Leveraging Drupal, we have built cost-effective, future-ready websites and enterprise-grade applications for clients across multiple domains. 

True to our philosophy, we have tried to stay consistent and committed to this open-source community. Right from code contributions to event coordination and participation, our teams have always been actively involved. Our efforts have been directed towards enhancing the core to enable Drupalers, across the globe, to create robust, scalable, flexible, and versatile applications.

With over 350+ Drupalers and 80+ Acquia certified experts, we have been an active contributor in this community 

Businesses are facing issues to combat the pandemic and are gearing up to expand a consolidated online presence. Even we faced a similar snag, but with strategic planning and proper resource allocation, we are going stronger each day. As we are culturally inclined towards community involvement, we started identifying the gaps that were prevalent in the world of content management systems (CMS). 

Conceptualization of EzContent - A Drupal Distribution

Our developers strongly believe in this concept ‘If you want to build a website use a CMS & if you want to build a CMS use Drupal’. Experimenting, brainstorming, and creating impactful digital experiences by utilizing the best-in-class tools with Drupal makes our developers’ life easier and organized. With the load off the shoulder, we associate in truly agile engagements that pave the way to innovation. And hence adding value to the popular saying, 

It is with our years of experience working with global media-publishing organizations, we realized that the creative teams were heavily dependent on developers to publish content, often due to the lack of visual content editing features. We felt that there was a need for the content creators to have complete ownership of the content in terms of task execution. With this agenda, we formed a team to build a highly decoupled frontend theme and layout experience. It came to a full cycle in August 2020. First unveiled at the DrupalCon Global 2020 in July, EzContent brings along some much-needed features to the rescue of content marketers and publishers.  It is a future-ready Drupal distribution that can streamline and catalyze the task execution for content creators and developers. 

As the name suggests, the aim of this distribution is straightforward - Easy Content Management. The attempt was to minimize and eliminate, where possible, the dependencies on developers. This also meant better workflow & faster approvals among teams as developers could then use their core skills to create something of incremental value. Mitigating the mundane efforts meant faster time-to-market for the important content pieces.

Performance in Acquia Engage Awards 2020

EzContent was our official entry in the Builders Category for Open Source Giants in Acquia Engage. This global award, held at the annual Acquia Engage conference, recognizes monumental digital experiences on the Drupal platform. The entries, for this particular category, are evaluated by a bench of judges on the following criteria: the goal of the project, the roadmap to achieve the same, the results driven by the contribution, and the other contributions to the Drupal community. We won the prestigious Acquia Engage Awards 2020 for EzContent.

EzContent - The Solution Your Marketers Need

EzContent is an AI and ML-powered “intelligent” Drupal distribution for publishers & marketers. It addresses various enterprise use cases across monolithic, headless, decoupled, content-as-a-service. Meant to enhance content quality and ease publishing it integrates SEO capabilities, flexible content modeling, and AI/ ML capabilities for content insights. The first release of this open-source, intelligent Drupal distribution integrates the following capabilities: 

  • Content preview in decoupled Drupal for efficient workflow
    As content creators lose the layout/page building, content preview, and in-place editing powers with decoupled Drupal, EzContent comes to the rescue. It provides in-built previews in decoupled frontends like React, Angular, and gatsby.
  • An effective page builder for faster time-to-market 

    Much like publishing unstructured content and building, new templates are grunt tasks for developers, but publishers want complete control of it. EzContent brings in the intuitive page builder with a large library of components for rich text, media, and other common content needs. Creating layouts without depending on the developers is what publishers always wanted. 

  • Auto caption, asset-tagging, alt tags generation with ML for accelerating task execution

    Work is easier when much of it is automated and EzContent implements it pretty well. Image captions, captions, and alt-tags are generated automatically powered by Machine Learning. This accelerates the overall execution time and enhances content quality. The editor need not worry about integrating these best practice features and can spare that time on innovation.

  • SEO assistant for enhanced content visibility on the web
    Web content is incomplete without SEO and thus we ensure you seamlessly meet the best practices. Powered with the in-built assistant, it helps publishers implement the best SEO practices that include title, description, metatags, and 

Our CEO, Ashish Goyal feels, “Our team's unwavering commitment and enthusiasm to give back to the Drupal community led us to build EzContent. Enterprises can now deliver an optimized & engaging digital experience to the right audience at the right time across any channel. This also provides validation for Srijan's customers who have already selected EzContent distribution through a deep feature analysis and broad review of other CMS”.

So it is safe to say that this Acquia Engage 2020 Open Source Giant Winner stands tall as the CMS that marketers and publishers would fall in love with. You can schedule a demo and our experts will help you understand the nook and corner of this AI-driven beast. Also, its features and user experience continues to grow as our teams are expanding it in a phased manner. The focus now expands to streamline the workflow for those working with the CMS. The D9 compatibility, the much-awaited user dashboard, and easy search filters are some of the interesting updates defined for the next phase, thus fuelling the revolutionary distribution.

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