Data Visualization Dashboards - A must have for lean enterprises

By Sriram Sitaraman Feb 13, 2018

When your data assets are accessed by decision-makers in your organization, are they presentable enough to showcase critical insights and drive informed actions? The traditional tools fail to see the high-level picture and are unable to deal with the overwhelming volume of data, and are hence cannot support effective decision making.

Data visualization dashboards provide effective ways to make your data understandable and easy to manipulate in an aesthetical format. It helps enterprises realize rich and interactive data visualizations so as to take business decisions when it matters most.

Why do we need data visualization dashboards?

Data visualization dashboards populate visually stunning patterns for instant clarity into trends, helps draw patterns on multiple parameters, analyze them and derive prescriptive and predictive intelligence. Dashboards using tailored algorithms significantly facilitate streamlining of internal or external processes, and business decisions using real-time data.

Visualizing meaningful patterns through varied sources

Enterprises today, gather an unprecedented amount of data, the source of which could be various business processes, productivity tools, project management tools and various other sources.

Now, the need arises wherein every department and level of your enterprise should be able to make well-informed decisions. To enable this, the data coming from various sources has to be transformed into one common format, and correlated relevantly to make sense for decision makers. A few use cases are as follows:

  • Data coming from multiple sources such as business applications, production management tools, operation management applications, CRM, ERP, etc. presented on a common dashboard showcasing correlations using multiple scenarios
  • View, monitor and analyze key business metrics with interactive charts, graphs and patterns helps in deriving trends, anomalies correlations etc. without any technical assistance
  • Prescriptive actions availing historical data, and past performance across business functions Deriving predictive intelligence using deep learning enabled by past patterns and real-time data
  • Identify statistically significant trends and patterns to enable comprehensive analysis and effective decision making

Using the right tools

A quick scatter plot, time series forecast, and cluster analysis can unfold interesting stories that lead analysts to further questions and statistical testing. While developing a visualization dashboard, it is important to have right set of tools and algorithms that fit best for your business needs.

Enterprises are going for tailored data visualization dashboards that uses custom algorithms built over modern tools such as:

  • Tableau
  • Highcharts
  • PowerBI
  • D3.JS
  • Qlikview
  • Spotfire

It’s essential for large-scale companies and enterprises to have business intelligence dashboards that not only help with insights but also help optimize resources for higher profitability. Perhaps you also need a tailored dashboard if your organization relates to any one of the following:

  • An enterprise producing massive amounts of data coming from sensors, machines, people and processes across functions
  • A large-scale organization using multiple business applications - decision makers have to look at more than one place for insights
  • A growing organization consistently taking efforts to optimize resources for higher profitability
  • An organization not being able to leverage data assets to take quick informed actions at right time
  • A lean organization seeking efficiency and higher ROI

Srijan helped several Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises have transparency, derive intelligence and convert them into action points through tailored data visualization dashboards. Data Science and Analytics offerings from Srijan cover end-to-end services including data integration, master data management, warehousing, data visualization with tailored dashboards, advanced and predictive analytics for performance management. Let's get the conversation started on how Srijan's data science experts can help.

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