Change is good!

By Gaurav Mishra Oct 16, 2015

Next week I am moving to Srijan's Goa office. I am excited, at the same time I have my fear of having to adapt to the slow life. If you know me or have worked with me, you’d know that I am adapted to the fast life culture.

But, it’s a chance which might not come again. It’s an opportunity to bring my body back in rhythm. At 31 years, I am slowly realising how important it is to maintain a healthy mind and body; something which I have been ignoring for long. I do have a strong mind, but I can’t say that for my body. And I know that it’s just a matter of time when my mind starts to feel the heat.

I’ve spent 12 long years in Delhi/NCR. The longest part of my life in any one place. Delhi is now engraved in me. To be honest, I love the place and if given the chance to live in all metros of India, I’d choose Delhi every time.

But it’s time to change. For me, for my body, for my soul. I need to go somewhere to explore myself further, learn more about a new culture, meet new people, make more friends. And Goa seems to be a fantastic place to make that move (in India). My wife Kajal and I did spend about two weeks earlier this month there. Trying to contemplate and see if this is a place where we want to live. We have our apprehensions, but I am sure that is something we can manage well.

We loved the opportunity of working till 4-5 PM and then walk to the beach to have a nice evening stroll. Nothing relaxes your mind more than seeing the sunset, with the wind from the cool sea breezing through your face. We had a wonderful two weeks on our last trip and we intend to have more good times.

While I am not much of a traveller; I understand the value of experiences in life. And if I am getting to work and have a stroll in the beach in the evening, I definitely won't mind it.
So I am giving my next one year to Goa. Explore all the 55 main beaches. Learn about Goa culture. Get tanned. Write stories about Goa. I look forward to my next phase of life.

Wish me luck! Cheers!

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