Can Computer Science be creative? Yes we can do hacking!

By Team Srijan Feb 14, 2012

What will you feel when a girl with a beautiful smile in her first year of BCA from a college in rural area stand up and say “Computer Science can be Creative, we can actually do hacking” ?  Surprised, isn't it ? Well we had similar feelings interacting with the students of Droncharya College of Education at Rait.


Can Computer Science be creative ? Yes we can do Hacking !


Team Srijan, had a great time interacting with close to 40 students and faculty members of the institute while discussing open source movement, Drupal and Linux at their campus on the 11th of February. 

The facilities provided in the computer lab by the institute were quite good  with each terminal having a high speed internet connection. We could actually play some guessing games with students trying their hands searching for information about CMS's and Linux.


Can Computer Science be creative ? Yes we can do Hacking !


The training ended with bouts of Samosa's and Chuttney from the famous Gopal Sweets of Rait and with a promise to take up more such sessions in their campus. There was even more surprise in store as almost all the participants signed up for  a Linux installation fest to be organised by Srijan in the month of April at their campus.

We would like to thank the management of Dronacharya College for giving us this wonderful opportunity to interact with their students.

About the Author:

Divyanshu Puri  is working as a Management Intern with Srijan. He is pursuing an MBA degree with a major in Marketing from Himachal Pradesh University Business School at Shimla. 

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