Building Services for existing functionalities

By Team Srijan Jul 5, 2015

One of our clients had all the functionalities on their site, but didn’t have services rendered for the user to avail these functionalities. They approached Srijan and informed about their requirements. It was a challenging project as we had to build services for some of the complex tasks of the website:

  • Overall structure of the website was quite complex, and we had to build custom services.

  • We had to build the commerce services API including a payment gateway integration (for both Saferpay and PayPal) 

  • The client needed custom services to handle Workbench content handling

  • There was also a need for file handling using services.


Moreover, with mobile app, their plan is to use the same services to render data and perform actions on the website. 


We built all the customized services on Drupal and used AngularJS to render data and perform certain actions. The diagram will explain the structure framework in a better manner.

Srijan Building Services for Existing Functionalities

Specifically for the payment gateway, we are building a service that receives payment information of user and communicates with the payment gateway to validate and process the payment information, and return the payment URL (if needed for 3D secure payment). User will then be redirected to the specific payment gateway URL and the payment is processed. Once the payment is done, the payment gateway will call the services URL (with GET method) where the payment will be processed and the App handles the response.


This process will help the client in the following ways:

  • Performance will improve as the same web services will be used to render data on website using AngularJS. 

  • The same behavior across the mobile app and the website as we are rendering the data on website using the same API.

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