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By Team Srijan Nov 13, 2007

During the previous week's coaching session with my business and life coach, I shared with him that for the last few months we have discussed some business or personal life challenges (ofcourse there is often sharing of successes, positive events and what I learnt from them) , that I encounter, and explore how to deal with them and find the next action steps.

However, my life purpose, is beyond business and related challenges. My life purpose has been to serve, to create a positive influence in India starting with my circle of influence, and thus, to create a better world by creating better life practices - touching all domains of human life - business, religion, politics, environment, economics, etc. On this he shared that we cannot do everything ourselves, and that an effective way to bring about positive change in the society and world we live in, would be to create effective leaders, and in this context he asked, if I would like to start coaching people in my circle of influence, in my community and family.

He has brought this suggestion up earlier as well, as he feels that I have made a lot of progress in being an effective CEO, husband, brother, son, and generally as a person living in my community. The suggestion gave me a good feeling this time around, and I promised I would think about this during the coming week. I did not keep my promise, as I got caught up in general life and work, but during my coaching session today, I had this insight that why do I not start writing whatever I am learning and internalising from these coaching sessions and through the books I am reading.

Then my "mind" reminded me of the not-so-nice things that happen in office, which can principally be attributed to the ineffective demonstration of my leadership qualities. So believe me, as I am writing this, it is tough for me - to still commit to write in the long-term about leadership and management and what I have learnt - re-affirming to my mind, that there are some things right about Srijan and that there has been immense progress in my leadership and management abilities and that writing may only make me more committed to these values, that I'd be able start the process of sharing the skills and knowledge that I am learning with associates at Srijan and general visitors to this blog, and also possibly be able to find a channel of sharing my mind with the associates at Srijan.

So, please accept me, as I start to write articles under this section; accept me with the poor management that I demonstrate often in your view; accept me with my drawbacks as a head of this organisation, leader and human being.

Yet, I believe, I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge over the past year of coaching, I am more effective in management, in executing my roles and responsibilities, and I have become a better human being, and therefore believe, that I may have some good things to share with you, which may help you become more effective in both your work and personal life. So, with a sense of even more increased responsibility on my shoulders, I commit to writing under this section. Stay tuned! :-)

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